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Book: Extraordinary You  

 Extraordinary you, Book: A synergistic approach to transforming your life from ordinary to extraordinary. 

 If you feel restless, discouraged, resigned frustrated or bored  with your life this book is your key to transforming your life  from ordinary to extraordinary. Self-Love is the catalyst for unlocking all the self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth you need to transform your life in all life areas!   

Self-Love IS the MOTHER of ALL LOVE! Ultimately, what we are all striving for!   

 If you have a burning desire to:  

◾Reconnect and empower your authentic self 

◾Design and live an extraordinary life 

◾Attract prosperity  

◾Design your ideal career  

◾Cultivate deeply connected and passionate relationships 

◾Transcend limiting thoughts, beliefs and habits 

◾Skyrocket your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth 

◾Manifest a purposeful life that lights your fire 

◾Excavate authentic inner peace, inner power and joy 

◾ Charge yourself with boundless energy and health 

◾Heal emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues 

◾Create extraordinary synergy between mind, body, spirit and environment  

You’ll discover the most powerful and innovative principles, tools, techniques and “Extraordinarycises” for reconnecting and realigning your authentic self with your true passion and purpose for living. This book will assist and guide you in developing and implementing your custom-designed road map for transformation and self-mastery in all areas of your life. You will learn how to transform and manifest your personal vision of an extraordinary life. Take control of your life; embark on your journey toward an authentically rewarding and purposeful life worth living and celebrating.  Extraordinary You; is a transformational book on designing and manifesting your vision of an extraordinary life in all areas; such as prosperity, relationships, career, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.  

In this book, I integrate numerous tools and techniques I have learned, researched and experienced in the certification courses, seminars, workshops, and over 1000 books I have read on the various related topics and modalities; with the purpose of creating a synergistic and balanced approach that you can apply to cultivate unconditional self-love to skyrocket you with the courage to design and transform your life. Self-love is the catalyst for your transformation! Rediscover your extraordinary, exceptional and empowered authentic self.      

Mother of All Extraordinarycises

This is an excerpt taken from my book Extraordinary You: A synergistic approach to transforming your life from ordinary to extraordinary. This is a checklist of some of the extraordinarycises that I have included in my book.  In my book, each of the bullet points below are discussed and explained, before you are asked to complete extraordinarycises designed to catapult your personal growth and healing. By the time you have finished reading and interacting with my book you would not only have become intimately reacquainted and reconnected to your authentic self, uncovered your heartfelt desires, but you would have also designed a blueprint for manifesting an extraordinary life worth living and celebrating. You would embody authentic self-love! 

Self-Love IS the MOTHER of ALL LOVE! 

◾Take the first step. Embark on your journey. 

◾Have you hit the point of no return? Evaluate where you are.  

◾Articulate your definition of extraordinary being & living.  

◾Peel of the masks; be true to yourself.  

◾Create leverage on committing to the transformation of your life.  

◾Acknowledge the transitional period leading into your transformational rebirth.  

◾Surrender to what is.  

◾Cultivate faith and compassion.  

◾Be grateful. Count your blessings.  

◾Awaken. Diminish the role of the ego.  

◾Stop worrying, comparing and competing.  

◾Experiment with the tools of the trade.  

◾Reconnect with, nourish and empower your authentic self.  

◾Contemplate, meditate and journal.  

◾Be a person of excellence and integrity.  

◾Reframe your perceptions.  

◾Choose to think positively.  

◾Go on a seven-day mental diet.  

◾Use words impeccably. Put your best words forward.  

◾You need to feel in order to heal.  

◾Take an AAAA’s time out.  

◾Release pent-up feelings.  

◾Manipulate pain and pleasure.  

◾Examine the payoffs for your limiting and destructive beliefs and behaviors.  

◾Lock old, limiting beliefs to the curb.  

◾Create new empowering beliefs.  

◾Anchor your new empowering beliefs.  

◾Recite your affirmations and mantras.  

◾Replace knee-jerk reactions with self-loving deeds.  

◾Refrain from EXCESS.  

◾Happiness is a choice; choose to be happy.  

◾Surround yourself with positive and uplifting people.  

◾Chase the blues away by engaging in happy pep talks.  

◾Change your physiology.  

◾Extend the gift of forgiveness to yourself and others.  

◾We are all connected, so treat everyone as you would like to be treated.  

◾Practice forgiveness, tolerance and patience.  

◾Don’t engage in the blame game.  

◾Create an empowering life script.  

◾Be open-minded and free of judgment.  

◾Take personal responsibility; practice excuse-free living.  

◾Be a doer; nip procrastination in the bud.  

◾Eliminate life-zappers; replace them with life-chargers.  

◾Choose prosperity consciousness.  

◾Recite prosperity affirmations.  

◾Cultivate spiritual relationships.  

◾List your deal breakers and deal makers.  

◾Design your ideal mate.  

◾Rejuvenate, revitalize and nourish existing relationships  

◾Connect with your heartfelt passion.  

◾Practice self-love; love yourself just as you are right now  

◾Fire up all of the nine areas of your life.  

◾Brainstorm your life’s purpose.  

◾Create your mission statement.  

◾Use your mission statement as your guiding compass to manifest your desires.  

◾Live your life by your code of ethics.  

◾You are the CEO of your life, so act like it.  

◾Become WATCHFUL; take action on your blueprint for living.  

◾Get set… get ready… action!  

◾Make a commitment to pursuing your passion.  

◾Integrate the trinity within you, in everything you do.  

◾Have a meeting of the minds between your left brain and right brain.  

◾Become a PPSS: a Proactive Problem-Solver Sleuth.  

◾Your body is a temple; respect it, exercise it & nourish it.  

◾Nourish your spirit.  

◾Honor and celebrate your progress along the way.   

   “A new extraordinary life begins with continually  being and doing what brings you authentic bliss.” -Jacqueline Ortiz


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