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Welcome to Self Love Diva where it’s all about self-love, self-empowerment, love life & law of attraction!

My Mission, Vision & Passion (MVP) is to share strategies, techniques, insights and tips to empower you to skyrocket your level of self-love, self-confidence and self-worth so you can embody being the Most Valuable Person (MVP) in YOUR life which becomes your catalyst to creating an extraordinary life & fulfilling your Mission, Vision & Passion (YOUR MVP)! 

I’m Jacqueline Ortiz, The Self-Love Diva! I’m a Self-Love, Dating and Empowerment Mentor, published Author of the book: Extraordinary You, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Neuro-Linguistic Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Feng Shui Consultant, Reiki Master & Dream Sculpting Coach. 

I believe in integrating a synergistic approach of mind, body, spirit and environment to empower you to breakthrough, elevate and cultivate your level of self love & self confidence to attract and create deeply loving connected relationships & an extraordinary life!

Sooooo, MY MVP is to empower YOU to skyrocket YOUR level of self-love & energetic vibration to transform YOUR life from ordinary to extraordinary in all areas of life. 


SO, I’m open to chatting with you on how I can support you. If you would like to schedule a Free discovery session you can just contact me! 

I’m, also, open to collaborating. You can contact me!

My passion is empowering, encouraging and supporting women on their own authentic self-love transformation.  

I'm currently  residing in Scottsdale, Arizona and South East Florida.     

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Extraordinary You Book, Author Jacqueline Ortiz  Self-Love Diva Coach

Extraordinary You Book, Author Jacqueline Ortiz  Self-Love Diva Coach

My Story



I have “Been there & DONE That” I was married for 20 years! I stayed in my marriage WAY pass the expiration date! Because, of my deep rooted fear of being single & alone- that was passed on from generation to generation. Then, when the marriage ended anyway, I IMMEDIATELY “rolled into another relationship”! Up to this point I had NEVER been single for more than 24 hours & NEVER EVER lived alone..…But! When this relationship ended-I found myself single & alone! I gave myself “pep talks”…. “Jacqueline, no biggie, it’s time for something different…you have always been in “serial relationships” so it’s time to go out and have FUN “serial dating! YOLO (You Only Live Once)”

I thought I was going to be living it up! Instead the UNIVERSE had other “plans” for me…Because, it was NOTHING like I had envisioned. I experienced the SAHARA DESERT…dry & barren! The men I did attract where low quality men-the stereotypical controlling & narcissistic men, and the liars, cheaters, players -men that were looking to “PLAY & STRAY….BUT NOT STAY!”

I could NOT understand why I was having such “bad luck” with men! I tethered between feeling angry, feeling sorry for myself, feeling rejected and dejected and felt like giving up! I finally had an epiphany that it was my fear of being single & alone and my clinginess turning me into a human GPS for attracting all the unavailable men; thereby,  repelling the high quality men! 

The universe in “collaboration” with the Law of Attraction “conspired” for my highest good-to lead me on a self-love and relationship journey of personal and spiritual growth. This is when I created my synergistic approach to discover and uncover the part(s) of me begging to be loved & healed. It was when; I started filling myself up with self-love that everything changed-like magic!

I believe if you want something –go for it- wholeheartedly, so I applied a multi-prong approach to cultivating a deeply nourishing love affair with my inner self, which became the catalyst to attracting high quality men into my life! The deeper & stronger “my LOVE connection” with my inner self grew-the more high quality men I attracted! 

“Filling” my heart & soul with LOVE-authentically raised my vibration to attract high quality men! But, it didn’t stop there…by raising my vibration, I was able to attract other wonderful opportunities into my life.

In my journey, I learned so much about myself and men! Having experienced BOTH-(20 year marriage)-serial relationships & serial dating I can tell you that the secret to having a life worth living & celebrating is to create it from the INSIDE-OUT! 

I want you to empower you with the tools, strategies & insights to develop that deep loving relationship with your inner self…so you can attract & cultivate the loving and passionate relationship you have always dreamed of!

My mission & my passion & my obsession is to help you navigate your journey toward transforming your life from ordinary to extraordinary!

Starting over YOLO! Start today to transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary!

If you live your life right! Once is enough! YOLO!


PS. I started MY STORY with “STARTING OVER YOLO” because 2018 was a transformational year for me! I traded the ocean for the mountains! I was working & living in South East Florida one day blending into the next-groundhog day-everyday!….until one night! I had another “epiphany” I called my loving parents, then my EX-husband (one of my best friends in the planet) & told him “I NEEDED a change-Like I NEEDED oxygen! I told him I was leaving…he asked me two questions: When and where…

My immediate response was “I’m leaving tomorrow and I don’t know where”. SO the next morning I packed everything I could into the car and started driving…I had always wanted to drive cross-country-so why not? 

Most people will tell you the best way to go from point A-Z is a straight line-of course, that wouldn’t have worked for me-I set out on an adventure to delve deeper into how my “inner Diva” wanted to START OVER YOLO! AND re-transform this “new stage” in my life! I made huge zig-zag’s across the USA-drove to California, before making a U-turn and setting up “Temporary roots” in Scottsdale Arizona (I say “temporary”  because this woman who had once been soooo afraid of being single and alone-is screaming to be FREE & OPEN to the miraculous journey called life! …. “WHO WOULD HAVE THUNKIT!!! LOL!)



P.S.S. I have a “confession” that I hadn’t had the courage to “fess up”-until now! The underlying reason for YOLO-why I felt the desperate need to get in the car and “hightail it” out of Florida was because I was drowning in THE PERFECT STORM! 

· As a business owner, I was working 7 days a week & 80+ hours with my partners at our         restaurants! 

· High stress=high cortisol 

· Hormones out of “whack”

· Horrific “BOTCHED” hair highlights=lost @50% of my real hair

· And unexpected break-up

As Jacqueline AKA The Self Love Diva I have always been affectionately called SUNshine, FIREcracker, SpitFIRE! This is my authentic self: high octane, high energy! I LOVE being in a state joyful, playful & grateful! I get a “HIGH” out of provoking & uplifting that energy onto everyone I come into contact with! But, my FIRE was rapidly being extinguished.

The PERFECT STORM=insane hours, high stress, the high cortisol, hormonal imbalance, losing 50% of my hair & oh yeah, the unexpected break-up…swept me into to being emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually depleted. It was more than just burnout…I was experiencing the onset of adrenal fatigue. 

I thought I was Superwoman….I could do it all….but, this PERFECT STORM was my kryptonite…I came crashing back to earth…I KNEW I had to face the EYE of the STORM… & transform into my own Self-Loving Superhero. 

My higher self was in self-preservation mode… & extraordinary Self Love was my Life-preserver. Self-Love is a Life-Saver. ….Fast forward, I’m totally convinced, The Perfect Storm was “gifted” to me so I could “redirect” myself back onto my authentic lifepath. 

It has reawakened & renewed my mission, vision & passion to empower as many people as I can to elevate & cultivate their level of authentic self-love so they can attract & create their “Heartfelt Designer Life”! The Perfect Storm has been one of my life greatest blessings!



As part of a leadership course, we got to create a Strategic Project to evaluate & assess our business. My graduation project was to go on 30 dates in 60 days! 

SO, I would have liked to say that in the “Name of Market Research” I “sacrificed” myself for my Self Love Diva Tribe! But! The truth is I had BLAST!!!!!! 

YES! I “got” ghosted, benched, catfished, stood up…But that is to be expected when you go for quantity instead of quality…LOL…..but! I also met REALLY incredible high-quality men! And, learned a ton about dating & men!


Start your transformational self love diva life coaching NOW!

“Just because you can’t go back in time to make a new start doesn’t mean  you can’t start now to make a new beginning.”             

Tap into YOUR Inner Diva!

-Jacqueline Ortiz

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